BEST Foundation under $5?!?

After hearing rave reviews on Wet n Wilds newest Photofocus Foundation, I decided I had to do a first impression and put this product to the test. I don't have a lot of experience using Wet n Wild's product line and to be completely honest, I didn't have high expectations. It goes to show, that you can find high performing products that are very inexpensive. Wet n Wild falls in the least expensive category of drugstore brand makeup, but they have definitely stepped up their game in the foundation department. I bought the shade soft beige and found it to be a great match. 

The foundation does have a distinct smell (like paint), but I didn't notice it until I posted the video and people started commenting on it. I opened my bottle, smelled it and yep- it was obvious. I didn't notice the smell when I applied it to my skin though, only when I stuck my nose in it. The coverage is medium and buildable. The finish is velvety matte, and really does look like your skin but filtered. Its very pretty when you first apply and it stands up well throughout the day. Aside from the smell, I have nothing bad to say about this foundation. I would recommend this for all skin types, even drier skin types could wear this because it isn't overly matte on the skin. 

Lisa Jauregui