Favorite Bloggers, YouTubers, and People I love following

Hi Friends! I wanted to share my favorite people to follow. Many of them you may already know and follow but rather than assume, I thought a post about who I love to be inspired by and WHY, may be of interest to you. I find myself spending more time on YouTube or Social Media than I do consuming traditional TV, and I love when I discover someone I can relate to, or that I can take away something positive from the few minutes I spend scrolling through their content. So here they are (in no particular order...)

Emilynoel83... Here is what I love about Emily. Emily has a large channel on YouTube, (almost 900,000 subscribers), she is extremely relatable. She's a mom and a former news anchor. Her channel is filled with makeup and beauty related videos that are in depth reviews, and tutorials. She posts regularly and does a lot of drugstore product reviews. Her content is HONEST and not sponsored (not that I have a problem with Creators who do sponsored content- but when it comes to Emily's channel, there is no question that the opinions she shares are 100% her honest and authentic opinions). Its very admirable to me that she does not take Sponsorships especially at the size of channel she has, (you can assume she's been offered plenty.) She is also the sweetest person, and really cares about the relationship she has with her subscribers.  

Tati ... Does she need an introduction? Ha! Tati has a large YouTube Channel (over 2 million subscribers) and uploads everyday Monday-Friday. She has fun series like WTF (products that make you say WTF... high price point- like this $135 Foundation or crazy new products like Press On Paper Makeup?!), Hot or Not- new makeup product reviews, she does makeup shopping vlogs where she takes you to the drugstore and shows you how you can extreme coupon makeup shopping and get a TON of makeup for practically free. She's beautiful and her video quality and set up is pleasing to watch. You can count on her to review every new product that is new and hyped up, and you can count on her reviews to be honest and authentic. 

Sona Gasparian... I get so excited when Sona uploads a video. She's a makeup artist turned beauty guru and blogger. Check out her blog here who uploads beautiful makeup tutorials, and fashion videos. I absolutely love her voice (in a non creepy kind of way), and I find her videos so well produced and entertaining. As a YouTuber myself, I am always looking at editing style and the quality of a video, the small things most people may not notice. Sona's videos are exceptional! Well produced but not overly produced. She creates a variety of looks on her channel and I find her recommendations to always be on target. The product that she turned me on to, that was life changing was the Lancome Stick Foundation  

Teni Panosian... I adore Teni! She's gorgeous and her videos are very easy to follow, yet beautiful makeup tutorials that will inspire you to step up your makeup game. Her backgrounds are usually pretty simple, and her editing style is clean, and chic. Her videos remind me of Sona's, they capture your attention and you'll find yourself watching the entire video. Her looks are wearable for every day, and simple enough for any woman. 

KateLovesMakeup... For the true makeup lovers or anyone looking for a review on a makeup product. My friend Kate pours so much passion into her blog and instagram. Beautiful photography and honest reviews. Kate also helps bloggers with coaching and consulting services. I've known Kate for years. We first met when she hired me to do her makeup for her wedding, and we've grown closer over the last few years as we've both have a shared passion for makeup and sharing our passion with others. 

Marie Foleo... Any video Marie uploads on her channel speaks to me (and probably you). She uploads motivational, inspiring and "kick your butt in gear" type content. Its really helpful for entrepreneurs, or people on a road to improvement or success. Her videos are short and easy to digest. I always leave her channel motivated and inspired. 

Lisa Eldridge... If you know of any celebrity makeup artists, then chances are you know the name Lisa Eldridge. She's the real OG. Ha! I love that I got to insert "the real OG" into a post. Kidding aside, Lisa is a legendary makeup artist. Scroll through her most recent Instagram posts and you'll see her work on A list Celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet. Yeah, she's kind of a big deal. She has a YouTube Channel that she demonstrates makeup tutorials on, and she makes it look so easy. What I love about truly talented makeup artists like Lisa, is that when you watch them do their work, its usually minimal makeup, and minimal steps. Its the way makeup use to be... before instagram and Youtube. Its the way, real women want to wear their makeup. Lisa also has the most beautiful accent and her voice could put me to sleep its so relaxing to watch her channel. 

I may add to this or edit as my preferences evolve but I wanted to focus on the few select that I absolutely LOVE to watch or following when they release fresh content. Hope this helps! Leave your favorites down below! xoxo...Lisa