Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Exclusive Picks

Y'all! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has been in full swing for nearly a week and those with Early Access have been able to shop the sale before it opens up to the rest of us on Friday 7/21!
I'll be honest... while I don't have a Nordstrom Credit Card myself (my husband and I are big Dave Ramsey fans, that explains it all right there), I was able to shop the sale by shamelessly asking my mother in law to use hers. :) 

I purchased a few clothing and accessory items, but believe it or not I actually refrained from shopping the beauty exclusives like the mad woman I've been in the past. This may come as a surprise to you but I have more makeup than I could ever possibly use and at the moment I'm not pining to spend a fortune on any... at the "moment." :) 

But... as the dedicated beauty blogger I am, I did peruse the beauty department with my list of items I would normally shop. I swatched, and tested the products to give my feedback to you so you could make an educated purchase. I selected the products I recommend, and also a few that I wouldn't waste my money on. 

You can shop the items below and be sure to watch the video so you know my opinion of each. 

Also, if you missed my first Try On Video last week, check it out here. I show you some outfits in the Activewear Category at Nordstrom as well as my picks for Activewear from the sale. It was a lot of fun filming this and I hope you enjoy it!