Beauty Field Trip to get Botox

Beauty Field Trip to get Botox

Well I did it. I got BOTOX. Why did I think this was such a big deal for so long? I think in my head I had this image of a deer in headlights, or Spock like brows. 

After YEARS of thinking about, I finally decided it was time for me to try it. I highlight the word "try" because after doing some research on Botox, I learned it was not permanent. it was something that would fade after a few months and allow me to check the "I tried botox and didn't like it" box. Well I didn't check that box. Instead I checked the "Sorry honey, but I now have ANOTHER beauty maintenance bill to add." 

All kidding aside... I'm 34 years old. I'm a mom who doesn't sleep well, or is often times exhausted and stressed. And my face is starting to show it. No, I don't NEED Botox. Does anyone? But I was starting to notice the lines on my forehead that reminded me of a single ruled sheet of notebook paper and I also realized that unless I am smiling, I have this scowl on my face (unintentionally) that causes me to borrow my brows and look angry all the time. And I heard Botox could help. 

So I tried it. I wanted to film this video for the people who are thinking about it, or curious about the procedure, the results and what an appointment looks like. I hope my experience helps in some way. I take you along to my 2nd appointment, show your my before and after pictures from my first appointment and answer some common asked questions.