Hi! I'm Lisa. I am first a wife and mama to my family, and second a makeup fanatic who loves to share everything I know and love with the world.

Once upon a time I was a makeup artist, and a fitness fanatic, and an Advertising Account Executive…. but when the demands of motherhood took over my life, I found myself having to make some changes to my workload, and to my commitments.I’m now a working mom to two little girls, who satisfies my passion of beauty, and makeup by uploading videos to YouTube and sharing my life in my blog.

YouTube is my outlet to share all things beauty, and MadeUpMom is my outlet to share all things beauty and more. A peak into my other interests, passions, opinions and my life. I hope you leave here with something positive, whether it be a new makeup tip, or something you find inspirational or relatable to your life.

Thank you for your support! xo-Lisa